The Billion Dollar Lifestyle: Pelican Hill

Natalie Plain has what most people would consider to be their dream job: she owns her own cosmetic company! But what is a typical work day in the life of Natalie really like? Natalie shared with us that she spends a lot of her days in meetings, so we thought it would be fitting if Natalie answered some of our most pressing questions about one of her favorite meeting spots: The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California.

Q1. What made you decide to take the meeting at Pelican Hill?

I like to take a lot of my meetings at Pelican Hill! Getting outside of the office allows me to think freely, talk, and relax. Anytime we have someone visiting from overseas it is a great way to show off the beauty Orange County has to offer. For example, last year I was invited by a Norwegian distributor to meet at Pelican Hill. I loved that I was able to partake and relax with other business people outside of an office environment, while still being productive, which is why I love to take meetings at Pelican Hill.

Q2. What aspects of their customer service/brand do you like?

I particularly love their attention to detail. I also love the way their brand has the ability to draw people in from all over the world and unite them under common ground, it is aspirational and at the same time inspirational.

Q3. What is your best experience/ meeting?

We have a great relationship with a brand called CoverBrands. They have been with us for eight years. We both started as small companies and have been able to grow together. Another great meeting was with the Norwegian company I had mentioned earlier. We have always met here at Pelican Hill and each meeting is more in depth to keep up with the high demand that has come from our partnership!

Q4. If you stay at the resort, what kind of scenery allows you to brainstorm the most/get the most done for BDB?

Being right near the beach is relaxing and feeling the Seabreeze helps me to think. The drive there is unique, and swimming in one of the biggest pools in the country allows me to brainstorm freely. I don’t go there that often, but when I do I feel like I have to earn it!

Q5. What is the first thing you do when you get to Pelican Hill?

If it is a meeting, I go right in and have a cup of coffee. If I have more time before my meeting starts, I generally like to go into the restaurant and have a meal or a cocktail.

Q6. What is your favorite meal to get at the resort?

I generally like to get lunch there. They have incredible appetizers, especially their chicken lettuce wraps and calamari which are to die for! They also serve warm bread with their spinach and artichoke dip which is everything. I like to pair these with a cocktail they serve called the Billionaire's Cup, I feel like it is fitting for me.

Q7. What has been your favorite memory?

My favorite memory has to be meeting with the Norwegian company around March-April. It was magical being in the pool with a huge floatie and being able to discuss business.

If you enjoyed reading this while getting to know more about Natalie Pain and her cosmetics company, let us know in the comments what else you would like to know about her!