The Triple Threat: Triangular Brow Pencil

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The Defining Triple Threat Triangular Eyebrow Pencil

Why settle for just great when you can be a triple threat? At Billion Dollar Brows, we work to help you make your brows beautiful, and our Triple Threat Triangular Brow Pencil offers the best of all your favorite tools!

We’ve combined the ease and functionality of several of our brow tools into one defining eyebrow pencil, and it’s a great addition to any beginner or pro’s collection.

Create the Brows You Want

Go big or go natural while giving your brows the love they crave! The formula is paraben free and vegan-friendly. Use the tip on the colored side of the pencil to create the shape and definition you need to make your brows pop.

Color Your Brows

With two shades to choose from, you can create the exact color you want. Use both shades to come up with a brow color that’s uniquely you! You can also alternate between using a heavy and a light hand to deposit more color into your brows using only one pencil.

The flat base on the makeup end of this defining eyebrow pencil gives you the ability to quickly and easily fill in the outline you created with the tip.

Control the Brows

The last step to creating beautiful brows is brushing them out for a natural finish. That’s why our Triple Threat Triangular Brow Pencil’s other end features a spoolie brush to blend your brows out.

Get more out of your brow routine using our entire brow makeup collection!


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Written by Md1021 on May 24th 2019

Great features

Absolutely love, love the color. Used to buy hourglass and this brand is like half the price! Will definitely keep buying it

Written by Kimboyoyo on May 4th 2019

Easy to use!

This is the second time IÍve bought this, ItÍs easy to use and gives my brows a natural colour.

Written by Yasiidee on Apr 19th 2019

Great features

I bought this a week ago and I love it. It has a smooth consistency and is really easy to use

Written by Mfrederick on Apr 12th 2019

Dream Brow Pencil!

I purchased this in the 'blonde' shade. I find it's the perfect color without being too harsh. This brow pencil is so easy to use and gives you perfect brows every time. The formula is smooth and creamy allowing you to fill in your brows naturally. The spoolie brush also makes the entire product super convenient and easy to use on the go. Will be buying again!

Written by Jesselise1 on Apr 10th 2019

Perfect brows

I started loseing my brow hair a month ago! This is great to fill in the missing hair and to create a thicker bolder shape! ItÍs really thick the texture is soft aswell! Still defines perfect :)

Written by Georg2110 on Apr 8th 2019

Great product

I purchased this over two weeks ago and itÍs the best eyebrow pencil IÍve ever tried!

Written by Lax22 on Apr 6th 2019

Great dupe!

This is a great dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills brow definer! It is such a natural colour as well and lasts all day. So easy to use!

Written by Glamg on Mar 15th 2019

Be natural

For a while IÍve used powders, and found it was too much work trying to shape and blend out... until I found this great product! Easy to apply. The angle of the pencil makes it easy to like the shape of my natural brow, and the brush on the end is perfect to blend it out. I do find sometimes when blending out the product does need to be cleaned up on the skin, but other than that it is smooth to apply and can layer for a bold effect or just slightly shape and fill for a natural look.

Written by Amberjg on Mar 11th 2019

It's ok

The color is good, the size is a bit too big hard to get into small spots in the brow.

Written by Lindy Jane on Feb 28th 2019

Natural-looking and easy to use

This is the first time I've tried this brow pencil, and I am suitably impressed. The price point is very affordable and it's a perfect colour match for my brows. The three-in-one style with brush, thin tip and broader edge make it easy to apply and it gives good coverage.