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Billion Dollar Brows Clear Brow Gel

An eyebrow setting gel is essential if you want to lock in your look after you’ve applied your brow cosmetics. Finding a premium clear brow gel is easy because we’ve done our best to create the perfect formula for you!

Enjoy Brow Gel Benefits

Our brow gel is unlike any other formula! We’ve designed it to work for professionals, as well as those who are new to the eyebrow game. You get more than what you bargained for thanks to our professional-grade formula and all the options that come with it!

When you use this clear brow gel, you’ll be able to ensure your makeup stays in place. No need to worry about whether your eyebrows will come off during a day of hard work or a long night of dancing!

Everything You Need

Since our eyebrow setting gel includes its own spoolie, you won’t have to worry about extra tools or anything else when you want to set your brows. Use the spoolie to carefully apply the gel over your brow design and allow the gel to dry.

Provide the finishing touch for a perfectly manicured look with our professional-grade clear brow gel.


4 Average based on 47 reviews Write a Review
Written by Magsie on Jun 15th 2019

Perfectly groomed for half the day

After having Feathertouch I wanted a gel to keep my eyebrows well groomed. This gel is a nice consistency when it is first applied, however I've found that the hold only lasts for 3-4 hours at the most. I will keep using it for now but look for something better when it runs out.

Written by Carlfarrington on Jun 15th 2019

Amazing value for money

This brand is amazing and not enough people know about it. I was shocked at how well it works especially for how cheap it was. Definitely worth the price and I will be buying more as soon as it runs out. I use this product everyday when i'm on the go and it only takes a few seconds to apply. The plus side with the gel being clear it that if you get some on your skin accidentally no on will know!

Written by Lillymac on Jun 15th 2019

Great for everyday

I purchased this product about two months ago and I've found it really great to use as a n everyday brow gel for keeping my wild brows in line. It applies really smoothly and you can't even feel it on your eyes. I use it everyday and have found it lasts almost all day on an average day, if you're going to be doing something crazy though it may not be so appropriate. When you touch your brows they just feel silky and normal compared to other gels I've used, so if you're after the 'crunchy' brow feeling then this is not the product for you.

Written by Bogan101 on Jun 8th 2019

Great Product!

Bought it ages ago and then had to buy another, works great and doesn't give that hairspray feeling

Written by Bridget99 on Jun 8th 2019


Does little in keeping my eyebrows in place, not bad but will not be purchasing again

Written by Selrad on Jun 7th 2019

Brows on fleek

I only bought this product because the Mecca max version was sold out online. This product stays true to its description. It keeps your brows in place like gel does for hair styling! I donÍt like how itÍs double the price of the Mecca max brow gel but I had no other choice but to buy this. I wish it came at a cheaper price though. Wont be converting to this product because I get the exact same results with the Mecca max version for like $16. ItÍs still a good product though, but why pay double when you really donÍt have to.

Written by Jasmine21 on Jun 6th 2019

an average brow gel

if you donÍt like the crusty feeling some brow gels give then this is the one for you!

Written by Delaney21 on May 17th 2019

Holy Grail Brow Gel!

I have repurchased this about 4 times because it does the job. I don't have any complaints. My brows don't move but don't look like they have been glued on. It doesn't leave any chunks of product in my brows either. Would recommend especially because the price is quite reasonable compared to some other gels.

Written by Bonbonbon on May 15th 2019

Such a great product all day amazingness!

I have been using this brow gel for about a year and have been really loving it. It keeps the brows in place literally all day, I never have to touch them up. I tried other brands, and this one is really great. I wish there was more product in the tube though. But other than that, I definitely recommend this to anyone. :)

Written by Terange on May 15th 2019

Easy to use!

Easy to use, great brush and lasts all day. Keeps your brows in place