60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit

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The 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Eyebrow Powder Kit

You’re a bold and busy woman who may not always have time to complete her entire makeup routine every single day, but we’re here to make sure you at least have time to sculpt amazing brows with our line of premium eyebrow cosmetics. With our 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows brush and eyebrow powder kit, for example, you’re just one minute away from brilliant brows!

Our Two Most Popular Products in One

This Billion Dollar Brows kit comes complete with our vegan Brow Powder in a lightweight, easy-to-blend taupe shade. You’ll be able to thicken and shape your perfect brow while still maintaining a sophisticated, natural look. The soft taupe color, one of our most in-demand shades, is great for any woman with light to dark brunette hair.

To make application simple, we’ve included our angled Eyebrow Brush. Use the soft, synthetic bristles to build the powder onto your brow line until your happy with the shape and thickness. Then, turn the brush and use the spoolie end to blend the color and make it look even more natural.

Your Go-To Kit

If you have 60 seconds, you can add a brilliant pop of color to your brows when you use our eyebrow powder kit. It’s the perfect compliment to any makeup routine, whether you’re a professional looking for the newest tools and products or you’re new to the brow game.

Add our collection of brow tools to your daily kit and always have brows that look like a billion bucks!


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Written by Porpor44 on Sep 13th 2019

Honestly, best eyebrow product I've ever used and I've been through 10

I bought this a year and a few ago almost two and its still full, best product I've ever bought.

Written by Hannabanana on Apr 25th 2019

Bang! For your buck

This product is good value! I have almost had this for a year and it is just starting to run out. Easy to apply and such a treat to have the brush incl. Pigmentation is good, although can be a little patchy sometimes. I find if I push my brows down with my fingers and apply I find it produces a natural look which is very important to me. My eyebrows are rather sparse and this powder helps to fill those annoying bad boy baldy patches in! For any girl/boy who is looking for a product that delivers natural looking brows in under 5 minutes and a product that will last u 12 months with daily use this is the one for you!

Written by JewelsyG on Apr 12th 2019


I bought this as a cheaper alternative to my Anastasia brow powder. Great colour for brunettes who wants a soft brow look. Great brush/spoolie that I will continue to use. Looks amazing when I first put it on but unfortunately, it goes patchy after few hours wear, before fading away by the end of the day. Yes, I tried different methods of priming, setting and coupling it with different pencils, but no luck. Such a pity cos I loved the colour and ease. Anastasia powder lasts all day, so I better start saving my money for it :(

Written by Ellen307 A on Apr 9th 2019

Great brows in minute

BDB. ARE BEST Eyebrow pencil now you have new ones whit are great do nit need to Worry abn il breaking colors matches the bedt get many compliments GREAT WORK BDB. KEEO,UP GREAT WORK

Written by Calckerkret on Apr 9th 2019

My Favorite

I have been using this product for years. I find the brow brush and powder is easier for me to use than a pencil. I am happy with the product and expect to use it for a long time.

Written by Kelly37 on Apr 9th 2019

Easy to use! Life changing!

This is the only thing that works on my super blonde brows. Takes very little time. ItÕs easy. Plus it looks natural.

Written by Nancy on Apr 2nd 2019


I have a lot of hair missing in my brows and this is the easiest product I have found to fill in the spaces. Some places it's just skin and it does cover. I have salt and pepper hair and I didn't think the taupe color would match but it does.

Written by CB88 on Mar 26th 2019

Love it

Recently purchased, love the color & the applicator

Written by Jean1111 on Mar 17th 2019

Love it

I brought this a few weeks ago and I am very happy with it. Perfect color and great brush.

Written by Courtsy on Feb 11th 2019

Perfect shade + brush

I got this combo after searching for brow powder and a brow brush separately. I have dark dense brows naturally and itÕs soooo hard to get a product and color that doesnÕt make me look like Oscar the Grouch. Taupe is perfect. Brush is small enough to detail the tail. I still use my Maybelline Brow Drama mascara after to push up the inner corners.