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Hint of Tint

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Hint of Tint

Color & control all in one!


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Tinted Brow Gel

This bold blend of brow color and hold comes in an easy-to-use tube. Perfect for when you are on-the- go and don’t have time to apply powder and gel. Hint of Tint also covers grey hairs with ease, giving your brows a natural pop of color. For a hassle-free, natural look, Hint of Tint brow Gel turns barely-there-brows into WOW Brows in an instant.

  • Blonde: Very blonde to light brunette hair color

  • Taupe: Medium to very dark hair color.

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Using the Mascara wand applicator, gently sweep the wand across your brow line to add color and hold. The more you apply, the deeper the color.